Wednesday, February 27, 2008

like I said...I love the bling!

I seriously considered purchasing these at Target last week (was on the vay-cay, and I don't get to Target too often, living in Canada and all!). This was even after my sister S told me I couldn't wear sparkly sneakers. Husband actually liked them, which really surprised me! Sometimes I get really cheap when I'm in Target, and I thought that $29 was too expensive. Of course, this didn't seem an issue when I was at Banana Republic and the Gap! Anyway, I'm sure I'll regret the decision...just might have to make an emergency trip to the States to purchase these after all. Sorry S. They are from the Converse One Star brand Target is now carrying. They have a lot of nice stuff, not just shoes. You know what I love about Target, when stuff goes on sale, it really goes on sale. The Husband got t-shirts for $3 people!!

Speaking of Banana Republic, I did find a cute dress to wear to a wedding this summer. It was on sale, so that made me feel good...

It's now priced at $99 and it's all silk. A pretty good price I thought. Would be perfect for a bridal shower or day after brunch (though now looking at the picture, mine is quite a bit longer). It will look perfect with these shoes from Delman that I picked up at 50% off at Christmas.

If you are looking for some pretty dresses for the upcoming wedding season, take a scoot over to Banana Republic, I'm sure you'll find something! They also have great shoes and handbags.

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