Thursday, January 31, 2008

Do me a favour

This is just a sampling of the endless wedding favour possibilities available at Garnish. This is a great website to get inspiration for your big day. Whether you choose to give away candies in their small gable box or cookies in one of their glassine bags, your guests will surely be impressed with your creativity. They even have totally cool metal CD cases. Garnish provides the blank canvas, and you add your own special touch...if you're not feeling too crafty, check out their ideas page.

We think you could use Garnish for:

- packaging all kinds of wedding favours
- chocolate, cookies, mini cakes...virtually anything!

- a special package for goodies to keep children busy during the reception

- welcome kits for out of town guests

- bridesmaids gift packs

We have both ordered from this great website, so we can tell you that their products are fantastic. I have used them for a cookie exchange and a sunday brunch, and M, the other half of Avocado Kiss has used them for Christmas leftovers and Superbowl Sunday. The best part is they sent us a handwritten thank you note! Now this is something a lot of bride's could learn from...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

unleash your inner artist

These are two of my new favorite websites. Wonderful Graffiti and Wonder Graffiti Wedding. Don't worry, this is the kind of graffiti that you do want on your walls. They have everything, quotes, monograms, even graffiti for your refrigerator.

Wonderful Graffiti Wedding has so many unique ways to personalize your wedding. I love the idea of graffiti for the car...the website insists that this will not damage the vehicle in any way. And I have to say, it's much better than crepe paper pom-poms. You could put your monogram on the dance floor, signs for the bathrooms or a quote for the entrance doors at your reception.

Be sure to check out their sister site,
Wonderful Graffiti, for ideas for your new home (do they have one that says, "put your dishes in the dishwasher"?) My most favorite thing about these websites is that they offer something for all price ranges. The only question left, is which one will I pick?

pictures from: Wonderful Graffiti and Wonderful Wedding Graffiti


I will admit it, I am addicted to shoes. And, if I could afford them, I would buy these works of art from Christian Lacroix. I don't exactly have an occasion to wear them, but I would just put them on my shelf and admire them....maybe on a rotating pedestal with lights. If you are a bride looking for a splurge (a $725 one, that is), then wouldn't these be so fabulous peeking out from under your gown. They are....perfection.

shoes available at Neiman Marcus

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

having your cake and eating it too...

I will admit that I have a soft spot for all things organized and crafty. I am a perfectionist and find that this "obsession" (let's just be honest) helps me maintain a little order in the midst of a chaotic life. I purchase loads of home decor/lifestyle magazines like Real Simple, Blueprint, Chocolat and Domino and especially covet the few Better Homes and Garden publications dedicated to storage and organization (did I mention that this was an obsession?). In this latest issue of Storage, I discovered these totally fab great infact that I frantically ran around my house looking for a piece of furniture to label and cupboard to paper. The baskets and the clipboards are super ideas for staying on top of the clutter (or just being the trendiest person in your office) you can sweep that pile of papers and whatnot from your desk right into the basket and "voila" it looks super! The lettering on the chest of drawers could be applied to anything and all you need is some rub-on letters from your local craft store. While you're there, pick up some scrapbooking paper to cover the inside of any drawers or cupboards - you don't need wallpaper or those rolls out there for the bottoms of cutlery drawers. Storage pieces can be both practical and great looking, they can transform a room instantly and inspire a sense of calm. So be creative, get inspired and have your cake and eat it too...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't forget about the Honeymoon

We spend so much time planning the can't forget about the honeymoon! It's a chance for the new couple to relax and reminisce about their wedding day. While reading the New York Times this weekend (online version, which I read mostly for the style section and to see what kind of real estate I can buy for $30 million my dreams, of course!), I found an advertisement for this amazing resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. It's called Las Ventanas Al Paraiso. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is where a lot of Hollywood A-listers vacation. And why not, with their world class spa and white sand beaches. You can even take cooking classes, tequila lessons (very interested to know what this is all about) and movies on the beach! If you stay in one or three bedroom suite, you have the services of a private butler. Unfortunately, when their cheapest rate is $725/night, it is out of reach for most of us, but we can dream, can't we? So whether or not you can afford a fabulous beach vacation, or just a quick weekend get away, don't forget about the'll never have that 'newlywed' time again!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Picking the colour scheme for your wedding is one of the most important decisions that you'll have to make. The right combination of colours helps to set the mood, and make a statement for your wedding day. A great place to get inspiration from in Pantone. They are a colour reference system used by virtually all stationery printers. Pantone also creates colours for fashion and home. Here are their picks for the hottest colours in fashion for spring 2008. I'm loving the last three colours for a wedding...daiquiri green, snorkel blue and silver grey. Stay tuned, I just might have to make an inspiration board for this one!

colours: Pantone

Thursday, January 24, 2008

So Happy....

Something about these flowers makes me so happy! And isn't that what we're supposed to feel like on our wedding day? I think what I like most about this bouquet of clematis and narcissus, is the simplicity of the flowers. I love the punch of apricot, not a colour you see very often in bridal bouquets. Hopefully we'll be able to showcase lots of different floral ideas, something a little different than white and pink roses (not to say that there is anything wrong with tradition), and certainly lots of flowers that will make you smile!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our First Inspiration Board

We did this inspiration board for one of our brides. She wanted something simple, but elegant, with a touch of something unique. We thought of a chocolate, cream and grey colour palette, with a hit of yellow for the unexpected. I love the birdcage veil, it totally suits the fun personality of this bride.

favours and cakes: Martha,wedding dress: Casablanca Bridal,invitations: Avocado Kiss Stationery + Design,veils: Unveiled Bridal Designs

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Little Sunshine

photo courtesy of Bisson Photography

It's been so cold here lately, it just makes you want to stay indoors and curl up with a good book. Then I found this picture from Bisson Photograpy, and it made me think of summer days at the cottage. A little something to warm me up!


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