Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ciao bella

I was checking out this really great line of skincare and haircare products by Davines, an Italian company, that I first noticed in Real Simple's April issue.  I have to say that the first thing that inspired me to look into this company online was because of how it looks and we all know that C and I are big into packaging and labels.  This company provides about 10 different high end lines to indulge yourself with while maintaining their philosophy around being eco-friendly and sustainable.  They also are responsible for the Comfort Zone spa who have a really cool layout on their website.  It's definitely worth checking out.  These are some pictures of their products...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

spring ahead!

I know it's supposed to be Spring, but it's actually snowing where I live today! I'm so eager to see green grass and some tulips. And, of course, Spring got me thinking about shoes, which lead to this post.

This bridal ensemble was inspired by these Christian Louboutin shoes. Coincidentally, they come in both heels and flats. So, whether you are having a a more formal wedding, or something at the beach, either pair would work. The dress is a simple design from J.Crew...so a fabulous necklace would compliment it perfectly. (Incidentally, I just came back from a Caribbean vacation and at the resort I was staying at, there were many weddings...if you can do it, totally the way to go!)

These amazing orange Jimmy Choos were the jumping off point for this rehearsal or shower outfit. The dress is metallic linen from J.Crew and the bracelet is something I found at Nordstrom.

Now, I know the shoes are crazy expensive, but if they are out of your price range, there are so many less expensive options out there. Think of these outfits as inspiration for your big day!

:: Louboutins via Neiman Marcus
:: Jimmy Choos and bracelet via Nordstrom
:: dresses via J.Crew

Monday, March 23, 2009

keep your head in the game!

I just came across Sara Gabriel's headpieces in the new InStyle Weddings issues. I love the photography, and her designs! She has everything from elaborate veils to the most simple hair pins. If you are still looking to complete your bridal ensemble, pay a visit to Sara's website for some inspiration.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I was browsing through the J. Crew website and saw these two teal dresses.  I thought that they would be really pretty for a bridesmaid.  Typically going with the non-traditional, I find these completely perfect for this summer or for a tropical wedding. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Feel Good Friday

I just saw this video on Oprah, and felt compelled to post it here. Of course, it makes me cry everytime I watch it. As a new pet owner myself, it reminds me of the unconditional love an animal can bring into your life. It really warms my heart...a perfect way to end the week!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hostess With The Mostess is featuring a giveaway from one of our favorite places...Garnish. Check it out, leave a comment, and you can be a winner!

Friday, March 6, 2009

guilt over perogies

Ok...so, I have to admit I have not been pulling my weight as of late sharing in the posts on our blog. All of the fab posts being put up in recent months have been by C and are super as always. She is a style guru, suberb crafter and everyone's "go to girl" for design ideas to inspiration. Besides all that she is my best friend!

I was browsing the Real Simple website and they have a "flower finder"...though it is pretty basic it gives you a head start to finding the types of flowers you could be looking for, depending on the season. Myself, I'm not one to sticking with "colours according to season". I think a little ingenuity and creativity aren't based on the time of year, and you can pretty much incorporate any colour or look into any celebration.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Style, Without Leaving Home!

I have to admit, that I bought two rings off of The Shopping Channel last week. I wasn't actually watching the station, I found them online. The Shopping Channel is the Canadian version of QVC or HSN. Have you checked this places out lately? They have a lot of really cool stuff! QVC carries designer brands for goodness sake! So I thought, this could work for the bride...totally! What a great place to pick up some accessories to go with your perfect dress.

QVC has designers like Tacori and Judith Ripka. Both high end jewelry designers, that are now making costume pieces affordable to us all. The Shopping Channel has the Victoria & Albert Collection, pieces inspired by the real thing on display at the V&A Museum in London.

Wouldn't the goldfish pin be perfect on a bouquet or to add some originality to a sash on your dress? How about the drop earrings from Tacori for your something blue.

Sometimes you find the perfect piece in a place you never even thought of before. So do some web shopping, or turn on the TV....just resist the urge to buy another George Foreman grill!