Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garnish me happy!

Throwing out some link love today.....

Garnish has wooden berry boxes in stock, and I'm thinking of the millions of ways I can use them! At 50 cents each, they are a steal. Check out this blog post for a really cute idea!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shop Scad!

As I mentioned before, I just got back from a Savannah vay-cay. Besides going to the beach, I managed to get a lot of shopping in! Savannah has some great shops, with unique finds. One of my faves is the SCAD shop. This store is run by the Savannah College of Art and Design. It stocks the talented works of current SCAD students and alumni...and you can always find something amazing! This week, they launched a new and improve website...and you don't have to travel all the way to Savannah to pick something up.

I bought one of these puffy frames (dog not included!)...not sure what to do with it, but I know I'll find a place. It's from Working Class Studios.

I fell in love with this painting by Tiffani Taylor. My parents have a few of her paintings in their house, and they are SO gorgeous!

And I thought this was kind of cool too...though I'm not sure where I would put it. Jessica Knapp is the artist.

My perennial favorite store is Paris Market. I always find something there...often too much. And a new favorite is the Gray Horse in Sandfly...which is close to Skidaway Island and the Isle of Hope.

So be sure to take a look at Shop SCAD's new website...I know you will find some treasures of your own!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

totally off topic....

Have you seen this commercial yet? I was's HIGHlarious!! This is the extended version, and has the words karaoke style. LOVE IT!

Spring Sales!

I'm embarrassed to even look at how long it has been since the last post! We have been busy with Avocado Kiss stationery projects, travel and life in general! M just got back from Las Vegas, and I just got back from a family vay-cay in beautiful Savannah. Oh how I miss the green grass. We are still stuck in a very dreary spring...I can't wait until I can see the lawn come to life, leaves on the trees and break out the convertible for the season!

Even though it's a bleak spring day here, there is still good things to be had. You see, every once and while, I check out Home Depot's website. You know, they sell WAAAAY more stuff online than they do in the store (in Canada, anyway). I got some nice topiary trees (fake...'cuz otherwise I'd kill them!), all my patio furniture, my dining room rug and all of the outdoor lighting. Well wouldn't you know it, when I checked today, they were having a sale. Check out these great pieces from Skyline Furniture.

slipper chair in "Esprit", on sale $263

upholstered ottoman, on sale for $287.20

The chairs and ottomans come in so many different patterns, I'm sure you'll find one to fit your style. They also had some great upholstered headboards, fun things for the kid's room and some really cute stools for the bathroom. The sale is on until May 6th....I'm beginning to feel that Spring fever already!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Ballerina Yarn Necklace with a silver chain and removable brooch
SnipSnap on Etsy

Hydrangea Pomander
Emily Wootton on Etsy

Moss Covered Monogram
(attached to a wooden letter design)
SimpleSweetDesign on Etsy

Vintage Key Necklace
BionicUnicorn on Etsy

I was doing a little reading on landscaping recently because I am thinking retroing (is that a word?) our yard. To be honest I am a perennial person simply because they require very minimal amount of work and if I can incorporate that ease into a beautiful looking yard and deck - all the better. One thing I found really interesting is that moss is a very eco-friendly alternative to planting grass because it holds more moisture opposed to blades that have a waxy finish. It is also easy to keep weed free and really requires barely any mowing...PERFECT!!!

It led me to do some research on Etsy (of course) and thought that glass dishes of moss for decoration or incorporating that element/colour into your wedding day would be so pretty. I found these pieces online...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Head of the Class!

I know, if you read blogs, you've already seen Ban.Do. Still, they are so pretty, I felt compelled to post a few of my faves here. And don't just think of them for the Bride...I'm seriously considering buying one to wear to a wedding I have in August. I just need to figure out the hair thing, but I digress. Here are a few lovelies!

:: images via Ban.Do

dress inspiration

I feeel like looking at fashion are some dresses that tickled my fancy today!

Valentino Sposa


Carolina Herrera

Augusta Jones

::photos via The Knot