Tuesday, December 23, 2008

an occasion to dress for...

Rose Gold Regal Inspired Wrap - $84.00

Ethereal Wrap de Fleur - $89.00

Velvet Bolero (custom design) - $160.00

New Year's Eve is coming and though for me I've never been a big New Year's Eve person with all the hoopla of planning months ahead, finding the perfect outift, making reservations or scrounging for tickets I may change my mind for 2008. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shop on etsy and it has inspired me to find something great to wear for the special occasion. This year we will be celebrating with our close friends and my daughter so the need for a fab outfit isn't necessary, however I may just fiind something incredible to do just for an excuse to wear a piece from this line.

The shop is called "bonzie" and i am going to copy and paste her description because I couldn't say it any better...

"BONZIE is an Independent Irish Fashion Label with romantic vintage Appeal. Often using upcycled clothing, thrifted trinkets and vintage inspired fabric in an artful blend of tattered chic neovictorian,steampunk and deconstructed elements! "

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"that's a wrap"

I had a few girlfriends over tonight that I really only get to see socially 2 or 3 times a year (which may be a good thing since all we do is eat and gossip). I hosted a little "wrapping party" where we got to wrap our Christmas gifts away from sneaky eyes. Each person brought one roll of wrapping paper and a pair of scissors and I provided ribbon, tape, tags (made by Avocado Kiss of course), light snacks and tea.
It was a really great night to get caught up and made for an excuse to get together. I also sent each guest home with a package of gourmet hot chocolate tied with wide satin ribbon, embellished with an ornament and all put together with a clear Garnish box and kraft label. It was something thoughtful but very simple and inexpensive.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

good friends...good food!

Like I had mentioned before, I had my annual cookie swap the other day. Here are some pics of the little something special I sent people home with.

Some mulling sachets. So easy, I tied them up in cheesecloth and red and white twine. Put them into a plastic container with a handy label for instructions (thank you Martha!). Next, some personalized recipe cards in a screen printed muslin bag. I got every one's recipes ahead of time and included them in with the personalized cards. I also picked up some very cute mugs from the Dollarama. Hello...these were $1!! The deli containers, twine and labels are from Garnish.

sorry for the sideways picture!

We also had our monthly supper club event last weekend. It was an Asian theme, and so much fun! I'm telling you people, if you want a good time, take a couple of 30 somethings, combine with a game of Twister and Pictionary, and you've got an AWESOME night on your hands! And, if you have boys against girls, it's even more fun! Here a few pictures. The takeout containers are from Garnish, they were for M's dish of spicy beef and rice. I made mango banana spring rolls with chocolate sauce. I also served it up with a little scoop of raspberry gelato. Again, purchased my glass plates at the Dollarama. I swear, I love that place...it's amazing what you can get for $1!

a mean game of Twister...good times!

Monday, December 8, 2008

finally, something different!

Please check out this wedding. I love the vibe, love the bridesmaids, love the photographer (Matthew Morgan). It has a casual fun feel, but the bride still looks elegant...I wish I was a guest, it looks like it would of been a lot of fun!

:: image courtesy of Matthew Morgan Photography

Saturday, December 6, 2008

feeling crafty!

I know, I know...I'll say it again...we should be updating this blog more, but it's just been so crazy around here! Don't worry, we have lots on the go in the next few weeks, so we should have party pictures to post and we will be sure to sneak in a few wedding things here and there.

A friend just recently had a baby, and I always try to use my craftiness to create something. So, with a little help from M2, I made this...

M2 made the flash cards, and I stitched up a little felt case with the little man's initial on the front. I also made a mini patchwork blanket with minky fabric on the back. These mini blankets are the perfect size for strolling around town, to keep in the car or for just hanging out at home. The patchwork was so easy because all the pieces were pre cut (from one of my favorite online fabric stores, Sew Mama Sew). I just fancied it up with a little topstitching, and voila!

M and I have our 3rd supper club dinner tonight, so we'll be sure to post some pictures of our Asian feast! Have a great weekend everyone.