Friday, February 15, 2008

some friday fashion

During my daily browse of all things wedding....I came across this dress from Priscilla of Boston.

It's just such the perfect blend of preppy and posh! I think it would be perfect for a summertime wedding...I'm thinking country club chic. Priscilla of Boston also has a great selection of short dresses...I've never actually seen anyone wear a short wedding dress, but who could resist with these options.

My one issue with wedding dresses, is that so many of them look the same, and I think that sometimes people are afraid to "think out of the box" a little, and make a statement on their wedding day. Any of these dresses would be a perfect fit for those of you looking for a little something different, but still 'wedding-y'. My ultimate pick is the following...a sophisticated power wedding dress! You definitely demand attention in this (picture with some fabulous necklace, maybe in a cool colour).

all dresses from Priscilla of Boston

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