Monday, February 11, 2008

tooting our own horn!

So I believe it's time for M and me to give ourselves props for our creativity. We are total suckers for packaging...if you can make it look cool, we'll buy it, we don't really care what's inside. This generally happens to us when we shop at Target...they have a lot of great brands with awesome packaging. Anyhow, I digress...back to our creativity. For Superbowl, M had an awesome party, and of course, packaged it all up to look way cool. She served food that included my two favourite ingredients of all time, cheese and can you go wrong?

the delicious chili dogs, caeser salad and my all time fave...hashbrown casserole!

M made her own "bits n' bites" mix and caramel corn

the table all set up

This past weekend Husband and I hosted a Sunday brunch for some of our friends...we've managed to work our way up to 16, too many for sit down meal at the dining room table, so it was eat wherever you could find some space. I packaged up some treats for everyone to take home (which made me realize that all our friends have Italian last names) and a little something for the kids.

cookie decorating kit for the kids

take home treats for the adults, lemon cake and fruit salad

all the bags ready to go

So M and I anxiously await the next occasion we can find to package something up. A chance to hone our creative skills and to use the best invention ever....the Xyron machine, but that's a post for another day!

M and I got our packaging products from Garnish

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