Tuesday, February 12, 2008

what's a guest to wear?

This is usually my dilemma when I receive a wedding invitation. What am I going to wear? I could wear something that I already own, but chances are, I'm invited to this wedding with the same people that I always go to weddings with. One of the hazards of the tight knit Italian community we have going on here. I know that these people don't remember what I wore to the six weddings I attended last summer, but I do, and I'm not okay with that. If it's a wedding that I know no one, I will break out something I already own...I think I'll be able to do that for one of the weddings I have this summer, but for the other 3, I need something to wear. I feel I must also mention that where I live, you wear something different to the ceremony than you do to the wedding. This was new concept to me when I moved here (though, I'd really only ever been to like 2 weddings before that). I guess it's because the ceremonies usually take place around 1:30 and the reception isn't until 6, so you've got lots of time to go home and change. Is it like this where you live?

I have a few criteria that the dress has to have. #1) it has to be comfortable...I've worn enough uncomfortable dresses to know the true merits of a comfortable dress! #2) it has to be totally fab!! #3) it can't be too short, because when you sit down, everything rides up. #4) it still has to look fab after eating a 3 course meal, and not make me look like I just swallowed a beach ball. #5) it can't be so low cut that when you sit down, everything hangs out. I must emphasize that when buying a dress, sit down in it, it all seems fine when you are standing up. Such was the case with my favorite dress I wore last year (a pashmina wrap does wonders!). Finally #6) it must showcase the most important part of the outfit...the shoes! I really don't believe in spending a lot of money on the dress...you might only wear it once...but the shoes, you will wear again, so think about those! Here are a few that I'm loving, they are from Dillards. Oh yeah, I like shopping for dresses at department stores, tons of selection and sizes, and they are always on sale!

I LOVE this 'Maria' dress from Gianni Bini (I'm pretty sure this a brand only available at Dillards). It's got sleeves, alway a plus, not to short, and roomy enough for that 3 course meal, but not too much so that I look like I'm wearing a tent. Not to mention, it will look great with these shoes...

...and I just happen to own them, they are from Tory Burch. I swear, despite the height of the heel, they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn....seriously!

This Maggy London silk chiffon dress is also a great choice. I know, you're thinking that black is boring, but I beg to differ. Black really looks great on everyone, this is a forgiving silhouette, and you can wear any colour shoe! I like these...

They are from Nordstrom, and they are so fantastic!! They are the REPORT Signature 'Amelie' pump in the most gorgeous purple.

I'll be on the search for some more dresses for this summer, so I'll keep you posted. If you find something you think is amazing, send me the link...I'm open to suggestions!

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