Sunday, April 20, 2008

damning the floods

On Friday night, C and I and the husbands went out for a couple of bevvies at a new restaurant. All day I knew what clothes I was going to wear...a new black top sans shoulders (very sexy) and a pair of washed out skinny jeans...I neglected to think about what shoes I would wear until about 10 minutes before I left. I was dressed and pulled out my black heels (I have these great heels that I bought from Target, Isaac Mizrahi about 5 years ago for $20.00 and they still look great and continue to just be a classic black heel - super!)...I put them on and realized that my pants were total floods - arrrrgh. I needed to wear a heel with said black top in order to pull off the sexiness of fabric...I couldn't change jeans because all my long jeans are very dark denim and I have something against wearing black with dark denim - not sure why. So, to solve my fasion crisis I wore a totally different outfit...not the easiest solution as you're running out the door.

Today, I research what the heck you're to do about pant lengths and heels and have discovered you are required to have many pant lengths/styles in your closet as you do shoes. Yes, this makes alot of sense but isn't always realistic when you have a fave pair of pants. Anyhow...I now will have a new mindset when shopping for pants and trying to pair them up with my shoes. Check out these blogs You Look Fab and Friday Style for your fasion advice.

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