Tuesday, April 15, 2008

some great photos...

I was browsing the Instyle Wedding site and came across these celebrity (? really I'm not entirely sure who some of these people are but it said they were celebrities so...) photos. If you click through and look at alot of these weddings they have great photo ideas but all their other pics indicate they are like any other couple with their ideas and inspiration. They have goofy pictures of guests, flower centerpieces, dessert buffets and wish trees - so even though it seems sometimes that everybody has the same idea or that the creativity is simply just running out, you only need to add a twist and make it your own.

Amanda Righetti (from the O.C.) and Jordan Alan - this was her grandmother's headpiece from 1935 - I am totally in love with it and think that it alone may justify a second wedding

Ana Ortiz and Noah Lebenzon

Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney - so cute..but totally posed

Fred Savage and Jordan Stone

Sanjay Gupta and Rebecca Olson

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