Thursday, May 1, 2008

the "Manshower"

I've been meaning to blog about a letter I received in the mail the other day because it is quite hilarious. I was being invited to a "manshower" for a man I worked with who is getting married. Isn't this fabulous, the guy is the one with the shower. In all of the bridal gown fittings, hair and make-up trials, meal testing, invitations and pedicures - they haven't forgotten the groom!!!!

So, the invitaiton read like this:

No!!! It does not involve dirty men.
No!!! It is not raining men.
No!!! It is not a shower fixture of male configurations.
Official definition:
A man shower is a special gift-giving party for a Groom-To-Be where we enjoy some food and drink, have a few laughs and share some of our best/worst wedding moments...let's be careful though, we don't want to scare the poor guy.
(then all the details)

So, let's not forget the men we're marrying and those we are close to who are getting married, it's about them too (well, sort of).

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Supermaman said...

what did the invite look like ?