Monday, May 5, 2008

Packaging is everything!!!

Thought I would share some photos...C and I had a package of invitations to drop off tonight and we always try to make sure that it looks great and has that added touch. We want people to feel as though they are receiving a gift. Don't we all love untying a beautiful satin ribbon? The packaging and wrapping of products and presents are what people see first, and, what in essence, makes them want to either purchase that product or get excited about the surprise that awaits them. Everyone remembers those special touches you add...some beautiful ribbon or a sleek box, a handcrafted card or some folded tissue. The gable box with window is from Garnish and the ribbon from Paper Source. Invitations designed and crafted by AVOCADO KISS.

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Anonymous said...

These invitations look beautiful. I love the way you package things. Good job ladies!