Thursday, May 29, 2008


I had a little get together will the girls last night. Usually we would have some wine and yummy dips, and anything with garlic. Last night I thought I would do something different, so we had a little dessert and coffee. On the menu we had fruit kebabs, lollipop brownies drizzled in butterscotch, white chocolate dipped strawberries, mini chocolate puddings with whipped cream, lemon tart and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla butter cream icing. I have to give credit to My Sweet and Saucy for inspiration on the cupcakes, and her butter cream icing recipe. I don't get all caught up in the fact that I need to make everything from scratch, either. The cupcakes, brownies and pudding were a mix...and the lemon tart was a frozen one (President's Choice Tarte Au Citron...divine!)

mini chocolate puddings served in espresso cups

Lollipop brownies displayed in sugar filled bowls, to help them stand up, the small boxes in the background are extra cupcakes for everyone to take home...boxes and labels from Garnish.

fruit kebabs on knotted picks from Garnish, and white chocolate strawberries

my chocolate the already coloured fondant at Michael's

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My Sweet & Saucy said...

What a fabulous looking party! So glad you tried out the cupcake and frosting recipe!