Friday, May 30, 2008

what was I thinking?

Anyway...I thought I would have my nieces (4 & 6) over tonight for a sleepover, since G has such a ball with them...trying to be super mom I baked cookies and made tacos for supper (this by the way took about 2.5 hours).

On a side note: every once in awhile I decide to be "healthy," I am in one of these phases right now, so I have been cooking out of the Deceptively Delicious cookbook for about 2 weeks - steaming, mashing, pureeing and making all sorts of odd vegetable concoctions to put in our food. My daughter has the nose of a bloodhound, and by the way, can also tell she's about to eat some "gonna kill you" meat or veggies just by licking a particular miniscule bite on her fork, even after slathering ketchup on it.

The tacos were a hit, which had ground turkey and mashed butternut squash in them with corn and red peppers as sides. The cookies were a huge success and the girls couldn't even tell that they had chickpeas in them. My daughter on the other hand refused to eat the meat and picked all the chocolate chips out of the cookies. Oh well, at least I'm are some pics of the food...

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