Friday, June 27, 2008

red or white?

Etiquette for weddings has really changed. It seems that it's just not about the bride anymore...the groom gets some goods too! What has become really popular is coed bridal showers. These can take on many if the bride and groom registered somewhere like the Home Depot, you could have a tool shower (though I'm not quite sure I would call it a "tool" shower!). Sometimes a couple will register at a travel agency (yes, you can do this!), and ask for gift certificates that might take them on their honeymoon. You could host a travel themed shower...I think that would be a lot of fun!

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One of the more popular coed events is a wine shower. The Husband and I hosted one a few years ago for friends who were getting married. It helped that the bride and groom like a little vino now and then! For the invitations, I assigned everyone a country and colour of wine to bring. Everyone was asked to bring one bottle of wine, but most brought two bottles. We had hors d'oeurves for everyone to nibble on, and really just enjoyed a mid-summer's evening outside. You could also do a wine tasting to go with the whole theme. Check out this link for some great ideas. There were no games or crazy stunts, though, if everyone doesn't know each other, a great ice breaker is to think of some famous people, write them on sheets of paper and stick them on everyone's back. Then the guests have to help you guess who you are. It's a great way to get people talking, and a lot of fun.

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If you're going to give wine as a gift, I found these great labels from Popptags. These aren't just for weddings...they are something great to stick on a bottle of wine when you're invited over to someone's house for dinner too.

And, if you need something to package the whole deal up in, check out Garnish...they have some great wine boxes that you can add your own special touch too.

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