Monday, July 28, 2008

Sauble Beach

I was on Yahoo this am and was looking through all the news highlights (my new thing lately is to be informed with what's going on in the world so I can contribute to some adult conversations!!!) and of course, was drawn to the top places to travel. One of the names listed was Sauble Beach in Bruce County (Sauble Falls Provincial Park) and suprised that I had never heard of this place (because I am quite the traveller - sort of) I looked into it. Low and behold it is here in Ontario and on Lake looks awesome and they have all sorts of great activites like art shows on the shoreline, barbeques, campfires and there's a tonne of restaurants. They also have some bed and breakfast and cottages for rent if you want to have an extended stay. It looks like they have some type of cool outdoor market too. I think I may just be planning a trip to Sauble Beach next summer with my family.

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