Friday, July 18, 2008

time for a do over!

Though I would like to imagine that I make my bed everyday, it just doesn't happen. Which is really a shame, because when my bed is all done up, it looks pretty nice. Do you think that maybe purchasing some new bedding might change my fate? I'm thinking that it's worth a shot...and I love this bedding from Dwell Studio.

You can shop online through their website, and you can also do a search for a store that might be in your neighborhood. Dwell Studio sells home decor, tabletop decor and even some great things for the baby's room.

And, if you are finding their original line a little too pricey, well dontcha know it, they have a line at Target! The featured products at Target are mostly in their baby line, lots of bedding, accessories and furniture, but they do have some stuff for us grownups too!

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