Friday, August 15, 2008

the sauce

Every summer our family (and thousands of others) get together to make tomato sauce. At first, this comes as a daunting task having to take the whole weekend off from any other sort of function, and spend 3 days working with your in-laws (in my case). With all that being said, it is a really important tradition in my husband's family, which has been done for centuries. My mother-in law has 5 sisters living here in our small city in Canada, and they all take turns helping each other out to prep and cook the tomatoes...and we get free sauce so why not. It involves a lot of tomatoes (the people line up and wait for the tomato truck to show up - I shouldn't laugh) like 30 pounds, a lot of cutting, cooking and eating. We all bring our kids so they can run around getting sunburned and delirious. It's a good time!

Last year, which is where these pics came from, our nieces and nephew came here from out of town, so it was an exceptionally good year, as they hadn't been a part of it before. We are on duty this weekend and are totally looking forward to getting together and eating lots of fresh cheese, bread and pasta!!!

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