Monday, October 20, 2008

entertaining the EASY way

I bought the new issue of Style at Home and there are many things that I dog eared to post about. It really was a super fabulous one. As you've seen previously on our blog, C and I are part of a dinner club and it is mine and the hubby's turn next. Though it is not until early December I have been perusing the internet and various magazines for ideas on our theme of "Asian Persuasion" (and no, it's not a porn as C has tried to make very clear to our other members). We are going to incorporate some games into the night too so I am trying to come up with some "things" that fit.

One of the great ideas I saw in the mag is using scrabble letters for placecards...genious. Another is to cover your table with kraft paper and to write in black marker their names to indicate seating but I am going to change it a little and make tic tac toe squares and hangman games in between the place settings (I couldn't find this pic online but it's in the mag). These were just 2 of my faves and there are alot more so pick up the mag or check out their wesbsite. Any other thoughts, let me know!!!

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