Monday, November 17, 2008

dreaming of a tan.....a beach....and a cocktail!

I know that it's only the middle of November, but I'm not liking winter already! It's started to turn cold here in our part of the world, and I'm not having it. First of all, it's so dry I feel like my face is going to crack every time I make an expression. Secondly, I have to wear socks...I don't like wearing socks. Thirdly, I need to wear gloves a scarf and a winter coat...too many things! The list could go on forever. If, on January 1st, we had no more snow (we don't have snow yet...but I'm sure it's only a few weeks away!), I would be so content. I like having snow for Christmas, it makes the holiday, but when I have to deal with it for another 4's not good! Needless to say, I'm dreaming of places like this....

Through another blog, Simply Seleta, (a fun blog to read, Seleta is always doing such fun things, and her beautiful family is straight out of a J.Crew catalogue!) I have learned of this little beach town called Rosemary Beach. I totally want to move! The houses are beyond fabulous, you can walk everywhere, there is tons of green space, and most importantly, a white sand beach! Not too far away is Alys Beach, a similar community. Both of these places are in Florida, a place we often visit. Unfortunately, we go in February, and we are looking for heat, so I think these towns might be a bit far north for that time of year. Nonetheless, it looks like a perfect place to take a fall vacation, the temperature would be perfect!

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