Saturday, December 6, 2008

feeling crafty!

I know, I know...I'll say it again...we should be updating this blog more, but it's just been so crazy around here! Don't worry, we have lots on the go in the next few weeks, so we should have party pictures to post and we will be sure to sneak in a few wedding things here and there.

A friend just recently had a baby, and I always try to use my craftiness to create something. So, with a little help from M2, I made this...

M2 made the flash cards, and I stitched up a little felt case with the little man's initial on the front. I also made a mini patchwork blanket with minky fabric on the back. These mini blankets are the perfect size for strolling around town, to keep in the car or for just hanging out at home. The patchwork was so easy because all the pieces were pre cut (from one of my favorite online fabric stores, Sew Mama Sew). I just fancied it up with a little topstitching, and voila!

M and I have our 3rd supper club dinner tonight, so we'll be sure to post some pictures of our Asian feast! Have a great weekend everyone.

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