Monday, March 10, 2008

everything's coming up bluebells!

Hi, everyone.  I'm thrilled to be guest-blogging this week!  Believe it or not, these gorgeous little blooms are already poking their heads out in the part of Canada I live in (Vancouver).  Spring really is right around the corner!  

All these bluebells are a wonderful inspiration for adding the "something blue" to a wedding. These days, you have so many more options than wearing a blue garter!  As usual, a visit to Etsy provides so many choices for the bride who is looking for unique accessories.

These lovely bluebell earrings from Uncommon Originals would make any spring bride sparkle.

These earrings from Jantar are also adorable.

But maybe you're more a classic-pearl-earrings kind of bride.  That's OK.  Both those earrings would make fabulous bridesmaid accessories.  

Or you could put them in these gorgeous bluebell necklaces from Chaton Designs.

Another way to add a blue accent is with an of-the-moment clutch purse.  Erin Pata makes a lovely one crafted from vintage blue chenille.  It's a one-of-a-kind, just like the bride who chooses to carry it!

If you and your friends are vintage vultures, these elegantly retro blue purses from Appetite would be perfect for your bridesmaids.

For something a little more sophisticated, try this stunning clutch from Leighann Kline.


For brides who are interested in spicing up their "rear view" (after all, your guests stare at your back throughout the entire wedding ceremony), why not add a touch of blue to your up-do?

Try these lovely blue flowers from The June Bride.

However you choose to add your touch of blue, remember... put a little bit of your own personality into it.  That's what makes it sparkle!

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