Friday, March 7, 2008

up and away...

Well, M and I are off for the March Break holiday (next week, here in Canada). M and her family are off the Arizona desert, and I'm off to the Caribbean sun with the Husband, my sister-in-law, and brother-in-law and the nieces. If you don't already know, my sister, the other M, will be guest blogging next week. Here are five things that I can tell you about her...

1. She the oldest sister...I'm the youngest, and we have S in between.
2. After a successful career in public relations, she made the brave leap last year to quit her job and go back to school, enrolling in a design program at the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver.
3. She can now wear her hair in a ponytail, which may seem insignificant to us, but is an achievement for her!
4. She likes potato chips and Diet Coke...her and sister S call it "the elixir of the gods".
5. I can attest to her creative talents, because she used to dress me up and do my hair when I was little. I still remember when she dressed me up as the "cool" Sandy from Grease.

So show her the love people, I know she'll have lots of great stuff to tell you!

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