Saturday, March 15, 2008

must read

Okay, so while I was lazing around the pool in the hot weather of Arizona sipping fancy cocktails and making conversation with the hot pool guy (reality check - I mean chasing my 3 year old around the pool...which wasn't heated...making sure she didn't get 3rd degree burns or drown, listening to my snoring hubby...who had fallen asleep in the scorcher sun and because he's "Italian" figured he didn't need the screen - oh, and wearing a t-shirt on his head like a turban becasue he forgot to pack a hat when actually, he didn't pack, I did...and drinking a pre-mixed Pina Colada from the local Walmart I managed to find some time to read. I seriously have to recommend this book, it was such an easy read and so funny. I am now onto a new book but I definetly want to pick up "The Right Address" by the same authors.

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