Saturday, March 15, 2008

a whole new me...

While I was doing a little shopping on holiday I figured I would finally take the time, sans child, to really have a good peek in Sephora. I also told myself it was time I had someone assist me in picking out the right makeup colours for my skin tone so these were my finds...and let me tell you, they are not the shades I would have chosen (though this is why I always found my blush looking orangey).
1. "Gold Coast" blusher from Cargo and it is so natural looking it just gives me the right amount of pink
2. "Multi-Flash" from Smashbox, which happens to be part of their "Polished Professional" totally me
3. from Philosophy I grabbed (which was right on the counter for those suckers like me to up their purchase by another $20.00) "Falling in Love" - it smells like warm vanilla and cotton candy - I swear I can't stop smelling myself
4. not from Sephora but always my fave for my lips is MAC and their tinted lipglass, I picked up "Love child" and to my eye it looked very purple...but it's not and it looks fabulous on (if I do say so myself)
Anyways my point is you might not always know what looks good on you or goes with your skin so ask away and besides it's fun to try it all on!

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