Thursday, April 17, 2008

"the girls"

I finally went bra shopping today but came home with 15 pairs of panties instead and 2 braish like (though still kinda sexy) camis. I find shopping for "intimate apparel" (this phrase kills me because really, let's be honest, most of us buy them to make us feel fab not for ...intimacy..ha ha ha - i'm turning red, it's such a goofy word...just say sex already) in our little city very difficult. I am not a busty girl by any means and there is not often alot in my size or a right style that makes me look like a DD (which would be great - even for just one day). I have however found several great fitting bras from Victoria's Secret, my absolute fave being the 'secret embrace' shown below.

If anyone has ever been for a fitting at a bra salon (not really what they're called but it sounds great) they kinda hoist "them" up and do a little - or alot - of pushing and adjusting and by the end of it "the girls" look super and you're immediately transformed into Pamela Anderson, or not. In my researching today, I found that Oprah had a show on getting the right fit for a bra so that it is unnecesary to go into a shop and be womanhandled by a stranger, so I thought I would do my duty for the day and save you all from this humiliation - check it out. It is especially essential when buying "intimate apparel" or "undergarments" (ha ha ha) for your wedding. You want to make sure that you fit into your dress properly and that it looks as wonderful as it should, your seamstress will be able to help you determine what works best for you.

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