Friday, May 2, 2008

my old Kentucky home...

Tomorrow is the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby. I don't know why, but I love to watch the race. I don't follow horse racing, and I know nothing about the horses. It just seems that every year, on the first Saturday in May, I always watch. Those sappy montages about the horses, the trainers and the jockeys on NBC always suck me in!

What I would really like to do, is go to the Kentucky Derby! I have been to the races before, and it's lots of fun to place your $2 bets. I can only imagine the Derby would be a thousand times more exciting. Not too mention it's all about the hats! I LOVE hats, but don't have enough nerve to wear one. I have a fantastic hat sitting in my closet, complete with fancy embellishment, that I got on sale, on sale....I thought I would wear it to a wedding or something, but always chicken out at the last minute.

So, I solemnly swear, that if you want to take me to the Kentucky Derby, I will wear a hat, together with a perfectly appropriate outfit...perhaps like this...

the hat: Ellie by Christine A. Moore as found at Hats in the Belfrey - $450

dress: Lafayette 148 New York as seen at Neiman Marcus - $448

shoes: Miu Miu Patent Double Strap Mary Jane as at Neiman Marcus - $450

Yikes! Apparently going to the Derby will cost me a small'd better give me lots of time to save up. I guess I'm also going to have to learn to love a mint julep, as this is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. It's a mixture of whiskey and mint...I'm not quite understanding the enjoyment here?

check out the drink recipe here

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