Wednesday, May 21, 2008

destination weddings

I have a friend who is thinking about getting married away from home and all the big wedding hoopla. Myself, I loved all the party planning and fuss, but everyone is different and I can totally see the benefits of tying the knot somewhere hot and exotic.

I was browsing today to find some great places to go and the best times of year to do it. You want to avoid certain countries and cities in hurricane season, for example (seriously, how gross would that be). Or you might want to go to a ski resort or a winter type get away (not really sure why, but whatever floats your boat, as C would say). The Knot has a whole area on their website dedicated to destination weddings and best of all they give you a list of months and which places are the best to go in those months - how easy is that?

So if you're thinking about heading somewhere other than your home town check this out to make your day a less stressful.

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