Saturday, May 10, 2008

Made in the Shade

I have discovered this fantastic self-tanner by ARBONNE. It is super!!! I have tried lots of self-tanners in the previous years whenever I went through my "tanning beds are very bad for your health and give you wrinkles" phase. They smelt (smelled, maybe or is smelt just a fish?) like yucky plastic and left you with streaks and orange hands...totally not worth it, so back to the booth I would go. With this self-tanner, I get an spf of 15, anti-aging, plus it goes on super easy and gradually darkens you over 2-3 hours, it also doesn't leave you sitting on the toilet waiting for it to dry...come on we've all done that (right?). At $37.25 it's completely affordable. So when you go to put on those shorts this summer and you're thinking "OMG, I'm so white," check out Made in the Shade by ARBONNE.

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