Wednesday, May 14, 2008

shoes, shoes and more shoes

I've been in Vancouver for a few days visiting the fam....there a few things I've learned. First off, it rains a lot, but when it's sunny, it's spectacular.

Second, there is no way I'm eco-friendly enough to live in this city. Sure, there are lots of cars everywhere, but people also ride their bikes a lot and everyone brings their own shopping bags everywhere! I even saw a woman at The Bay (a Canadian department store) bring her own bag for her purchases. If only I could be so dedicated!

Third, I have learned not to wear my Puma California sneakers without socks when I go shopping (can you say multiple blisters all over my feet!)

And lastly, Vancouver is a great place to shop...especially for shoes! I've managed to purchase 4 pairs, which is like 1 pair for each day I've been here. And can I also say, that they are all comfortable, suitable for everyday and not one has a stiletto in sight! (On a side note, when packing to come here, I couldn't figure out what shoes I wear in warm weather, besides flip flops and my Tory Burch flats which just don't stay on my feet...I've been in Uggs to long!) I've also noticed that Vancouver has a large selection of comfortable shoes, it must be because people walk everywhere.

These are my ultimate fave...Hispanitas Mango T-Bar. Mine are pink and gold and they are FABULOUS!

These are from Ecco, the Summer Ballerina...much cuter in person!

These are the Privo Oso, again....Zappos just needs better pictures to showcase the shoes, cause these are cute too!

I'm still lusting after the Calvin Klein Parma shoes I posted a few days ago, but figure I need everyday shoes more. I also purchased a pair of hiking shoes from Ecco, sort of like a mary jane style, but I can't find a picture. I think I will have very happy feet all summer long!

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BarkingDogShoes said...

Hey, great post. I love the Hispanitas Mango T-Bar--hadn't seen that before.