Thursday, June 12, 2008

giving props to the Pops!

It is Father's Day on Sunday...we feel that warrants a post for the Dads.  M and I followed tradition and had our Dads (and Mothers too) walk us down the aisle.  Some brides, these days, walk down the aisle alone...but we're suckers for tradition I guess.

Here is a great article for the father of the bride:
The tradition of the father giving away his daughter has its underpinnings from the days of betrothals and arranged marriages.  Daughters were considered their father's "property", and it was the right of the father to give his child to the groom.  In some cultures, the groom "bought" his right to the bride.

Thankfully, times and cultures have largely changed, but the tradition continues as a symbol that he approves the marriage.

Another one of my favorite father of the bride moments is the movie, of course!  There is the original from 1950, with Elizabeth Taylor, and the remake from 1991 with Steve Martin.  I have seen both, but I do admit I like the remake better.  I love Diane Keaton and Steve Martin together.

More father of the bride moments to come....

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