Wednesday, June 11, 2008

woo hoo!!!

It was Georgia's big 4th birthday this weekend and we had the party at our neighbourhood park. There was torrential, record breaking downpours the day before so I was a little worried about my big plans (of course it's all about me).

Here are some great pics (thanks to C) of the afternoon, including some AK inspired design. The favour boxes are from Garnish and the label was designed by M2, C's sister. The gable boxes contained a small pot for planting, a package of sunflower seeds, junior gardening gloves, soil (with a plastic worm), some paint and brush and some candy treats (healthier stuff for the babes). All the goodies I picked up from a dollar store and all of the contents probably cost about 5$, with 16 children - that's a good thing! We had individually wrapped sandwiches, fun ones like Nutellla and banana for the kids and some fancier ones for the adults.

All went well and the activities were a huge success. We had an egg and spoon race, a bubble machine and some soccer equipment. I know this all sounds totally exhausting (and it was) but completely doable and I even had time to stop and talk during the party (way better than your house filled with people and being left with a nightmare to clean).

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