Friday, June 20, 2008

Some Friday Love!

I love this song, Thank You For Being A Friend by Andrew Gold. I particularly love the Will and Grace montage as well...I loved that show!

I think too often we don't tell people that we appreciate them. People like to hear me, flattery will get you everywhere! Remember brides, tell your maids how much you appreciate their help (provided that they are helping you!), you asked them to stand by you for a reason.

I want to tell a couple people how much I appreciate their friendship...

To M: for so many reasons, I can't even begin to list them....let's just say, taco dip and sour candy!

To P: for our new found friendship and daily emails...I hope we get to have many more adventures in travel!

To my sisters M and S: not only are we sisters, but more importantly, we are friends...always ready to lend me a helping hand or ichat with me when I'm bored! These things are important!

I appreciate you all, thanks for being my friends!

Have a great weekend everybody!!

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