Friday, June 20, 2008

my current obsession

Ever since M brought over this month's Domino Magazine, I can't get this picture out of my head, not to mention that now I totally want to redo a room in my house with this whole look!

I know that she already did a post about her favorite things...but this picture made me think that this would be a very cool colour scheme for a wedding.

Photo Credits:
Dessert Bar: Vanilla Bakeshop, Chalkboard Centerpiece: Stacey Kane, Shoe: Kate Spade, Invitations: Chewing The Cud, Earrings: Uncommon Originals, Striped Dresses: Stacey Kane, Table Setting: Martha Stewart

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simply seleta said...

I too love that room. It has such impact. I've had the image saved for a while for a post on red. Those beds really help make the space.

Great post!