Thursday, July 24, 2008

at the beach...

C and I spend alot of time at the beach and our family cottages. I, myself just returned from a "roughing it" vacation at a Provincial Park with some girlfriends. Though I am still trying to mend the hangover headache I've had for 4 days, and clean the bonfire smoke out of my clothes (did I mention I had a good time?) it got me thinking. To "rough it" doesn't mean your sense of fashion has to suffer...I endured endless barbs about the amount of products and cute clothes I brought into the bush with me, though, funny, I don't consider myself a "high maintenance" camper. I found these really great pieces from Land's End and J. Crew that would go a long way in making you look superb, yet bush-like while you spend some time outdoors.

Terry hoodie for 68$. So comfy...

This bathing suit is from Land's End and they have a huge selection of suits for all body shapes - I loved the fact that it has a halter neck and the pattern and colour of this one is also gives you a little bit of coverage.

This is from J. Crew and is a cashmere hoodie which would be great to throw over your bathing suit or a thin tee. It is a little pricey at 198$, but come on's cashmere!!!! Nothing says camping more than cashmere!

This is a great drawstring mini.

Lemon chino shorts...a steal at 42$ and a tissue tee for 24$.

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