Monday, July 14, 2008


This one photo is from Martha Stewart and the dress is by Atelier Aimee and you can find lots of dresses (which I love) on the Inside Weddings website.

Karl Lagerfeld

Melissa Sweet

This photo came from a bridal salon in Vancouver called Blush Occasions

I was searching some bridal gowns this morning and was trying to find some different styles that didn't look like the same dress that everyone seems to be wearing, strapless & white satin. Like both C and I have said if we were ever to get married again, (this is actually a plan of ours - to the same partners of course, but just so that we could plan a big fantastic party where we look fabulous) we would totally choose completely different styles. My favourites right now are anything really pretty and feminine with lots of lace or long, flowing fabric. I'm going to keep searching and let you see what else I can find.

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