Thursday, July 31, 2008

mellow yellow

We thought we would do some features on colour combinations.  Colour plays such an important role in a's the jumping off point for all of your decor, flowers and even what you are going to wear.  So whether you choose a simple black and white theme or fuschia and orange theme, the colour you choose will set the mood.

One of the hottest colours out there right now is yellow.  I was shopping yesterday with my sister
S, and I noticed that yellow is in every store....from what's leftover from summer, to all the new fall fashions. (On a side note, we found the perfect jeans at J. Crew...the low slung boy cut for me which are soooo soft, don't gape and are just right, the matchstick for S which make her look soooo skinny, perfect!)  The thing I love about yellow is there are so many shades, from lemon to mustard.  Also, yellow is perfect for any season!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from The Knot...

What is your favorite colour combination?  Leave us a comment or send us an email to avocado_kiss {at} would love to hear from you!  Keep checking back for more colour inspiration!

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