Tuesday, August 12, 2008

fashion inspiration

I just recently returned from a trip to Montreal, QC and it was the first time I had been there. It is such an amazing city, though I didn't get to do a whole lot of touring in 4 days we still got the whole french vibe. The people were super friendly and there was so much culture. We spent an afternoon in Old Montreal and the restaurants with outdoor terraces alone were very cool nevermind all the singing and dancing and artists along the water.

One thing I really noticed is how great people dress in Montreal. There is such an eclectic mix of styles and looks that it doesn't really matter how you dress - it looks good! On St. Catherine's the whole street (and it's a long street) is loaded with Gucci, Prada, Puma, BCBG, Mexx and a tonne of other shops. It was a really great trip and I have some renewed inspiration for my closet!!!

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