Wednesday, December 10, 2008

good friends...good food!

Like I had mentioned before, I had my annual cookie swap the other day. Here are some pics of the little something special I sent people home with.

Some mulling sachets. So easy, I tied them up in cheesecloth and red and white twine. Put them into a plastic container with a handy label for instructions (thank you Martha!). Next, some personalized recipe cards in a screen printed muslin bag. I got every one's recipes ahead of time and included them in with the personalized cards. I also picked up some very cute mugs from the Dollarama. Hello...these were $1!! The deli containers, twine and labels are from Garnish.

sorry for the sideways picture!

We also had our monthly supper club event last weekend. It was an Asian theme, and so much fun! I'm telling you people, if you want a good time, take a couple of 30 somethings, combine with a game of Twister and Pictionary, and you've got an AWESOME night on your hands! And, if you have boys against girls, it's even more fun! Here a few pictures. The takeout containers are from Garnish, they were for M's dish of spicy beef and rice. I made mango banana spring rolls with chocolate sauce. I also served it up with a little scoop of raspberry gelato. Again, purchased my glass plates at the Dollarama. I swear, I love that's amazing what you can get for $1!

a mean game of Twister...good times!

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