Tuesday, December 23, 2008

an occasion to dress for...

Rose Gold Regal Inspired Wrap - $84.00

Ethereal Wrap de Fleur - $89.00

Velvet Bolero (custom design) - $160.00

New Year's Eve is coming and though for me I've never been a big New Year's Eve person with all the hoopla of planning months ahead, finding the perfect outift, making reservations or scrounging for tickets I may change my mind for 2008. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shop on etsy and it has inspired me to find something great to wear for the special occasion. This year we will be celebrating with our close friends and my daughter so the need for a fab outfit isn't necessary, however I may just fiind something incredible to do just for an excuse to wear a piece from this line.

The shop is called "bonzie" and i am going to copy and paste her description because I couldn't say it any better...

"BONZIE is an Independent Irish Fashion Label with romantic vintage Appeal. Often using upcycled clothing, thrifted trinkets and vintage inspired fabric in an artful blend of tattered chic neovictorian,steampunk and deconstructed elements! "

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Anne @ Pink Galoshes said...

Thes are so fun! And the perfect way to dress up a LBD! Thanks for posting.