Friday, March 6, 2009

guilt over perogies, I have to admit I have not been pulling my weight as of late sharing in the posts on our blog. All of the fab posts being put up in recent months have been by C and are super as always. She is a style guru, suberb crafter and everyone's "go to girl" for design ideas to inspiration. Besides all that she is my best friend!

I was browsing the Real Simple website and they have a "flower finder"...though it is pretty basic it gives you a head start to finding the types of flowers you could be looking for, depending on the season. Myself, I'm not one to sticking with "colours according to season". I think a little ingenuity and creativity aren't based on the time of year, and you can pretty much incorporate any colour or look into any celebration.


Avocado Kiss Stationery+Design said...

mmm...those perogies were good!

Anonymous said...
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