Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Style, Without Leaving Home!

I have to admit, that I bought two rings off of The Shopping Channel last week. I wasn't actually watching the station, I found them online. The Shopping Channel is the Canadian version of QVC or HSN. Have you checked this places out lately? They have a lot of really cool stuff! QVC carries designer brands for goodness sake! So I thought, this could work for the bride...totally! What a great place to pick up some accessories to go with your perfect dress.

QVC has designers like Tacori and Judith Ripka. Both high end jewelry designers, that are now making costume pieces affordable to us all. The Shopping Channel has the Victoria & Albert Collection, pieces inspired by the real thing on display at the V&A Museum in London.

Wouldn't the goldfish pin be perfect on a bouquet or to add some originality to a sash on your dress? How about the drop earrings from Tacori for your something blue.

Sometimes you find the perfect piece in a place you never even thought of before. So do some web shopping, or turn on the TV....just resist the urge to buy another George Foreman grill!

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