Monday, April 13, 2009


Ballerina Yarn Necklace with a silver chain and removable brooch
SnipSnap on Etsy

Hydrangea Pomander
Emily Wootton on Etsy

Moss Covered Monogram
(attached to a wooden letter design)
SimpleSweetDesign on Etsy

Vintage Key Necklace
BionicUnicorn on Etsy

I was doing a little reading on landscaping recently because I am thinking retroing (is that a word?) our yard. To be honest I am a perennial person simply because they require very minimal amount of work and if I can incorporate that ease into a beautiful looking yard and deck - all the better. One thing I found really interesting is that moss is a very eco-friendly alternative to planting grass because it holds more moisture opposed to blades that have a waxy finish. It is also easy to keep weed free and really requires barely any mowing...PERFECT!!!

It led me to do some research on Etsy (of course) and thought that glass dishes of moss for decoration or incorporating that element/colour into your wedding day would be so pretty. I found these pieces online...

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