Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Sales!

I'm embarrassed to even look at how long it has been since the last post! We have been busy with Avocado Kiss stationery projects, travel and life in general! M just got back from Las Vegas, and I just got back from a family vay-cay in beautiful Savannah. Oh how I miss the green grass. We are still stuck in a very dreary spring...I can't wait until I can see the lawn come to life, leaves on the trees and break out the convertible for the season!

Even though it's a bleak spring day here, there is still good things to be had. You see, every once and while, I check out Home Depot's website. You know, they sell WAAAAY more stuff online than they do in the store (in Canada, anyway). I got some nice topiary trees (fake...'cuz otherwise I'd kill them!), all my patio furniture, my dining room rug and all of the outdoor lighting. Well wouldn't you know it, when I checked today, they were having a sale. Check out these great pieces from Skyline Furniture.

slipper chair in "Esprit", on sale $263

upholstered ottoman, on sale for $287.20

The chairs and ottomans come in so many different patterns, I'm sure you'll find one to fit your style. They also had some great upholstered headboards, fun things for the kid's room and some really cute stools for the bathroom. The sale is on until May 6th....I'm beginning to feel that Spring fever already!!

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