Monday, June 16, 2008

your guest will love you

Last summer I decided to go against the norm and wear a white dress to a wedding. I promptly spilled red wine down the front of my dress...I swear, I'm the messiest eater! Thankfully someone sitting at my table had a Shout pen, and with the help of a little water, wouldn't you know it, it all came out!

Why the story you ask? Well, if you're a bride, you might want to think about putting some emergency items in the ladies restroom (men never seem to care about these things). Perhaps some nice hand soap and lotion, hairspray, dental floss, sewing kits and of course, Shout wipes! Just find a pretty basket you might have lying around the house and fill it with all these goodies. And to make it even easier for you, I found a great website where you can buy all these things, in handy dandy travel sizes! Minimus has everything from hand soap to olive oil, all in travel sizes.

nice n clean antibacterial wipes - 9 cents each

la fresh dental finger mitt - 28 cents each

shout portable wipes - 29 cents each

freshscent lotion - 17 cents each

When browsing the site, be sure to check out the food items, there might be a few things you could add to the reception tables. For instance, would the kids like a hot fudge sundae? Put a little container with sprinkles and some single serving packets of fudge sauce at their place setting. What a fun idea for kids!

This site is also great for travelling on airlines. All of this stuff will surely fit in a ziploc bag, and now that some airlines are charging for luggage, you will be able to fit all your toiletries into your carry-on. Perfect for the honeymoon!

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